Greater Phoenix: Interview with Sudz Club

SudzClub decided to solve the problem of having enough personal hygiene products for college students.The major surprise was the number of seniors who subscribed for the fun, personal care boxes where not seniors in high school or college, but senior citizens.“As more subscriptions came in, the surprise wore off.” said Jafery, who recently graduated from ASU. “Returning from shopping to find you forgot something is not only a frustration for college students with a tight schedules and budgets. And, it can be very detrimental to a senior citizen who is otherwise homebound.”

The American Geriatrics Society reports that there are currently 38.9 million people aged 65 and older in the United Stated and 3.6 million of these people are considered housebound with a broad range of disability levels. has responded by increasing the customized nature of their monthly offerings.

“While the core of each month’s SudzClub box is the essentials for good hygiene, the box has always contained the important extras like a stress ball during finals month; new, hip products or innovations like UBER ride gift certificates,; or some instant coffee with twice the caffeine.” he said. “Now, gift boxes are supplemented based on the wants and needs of senior citizens as well.”

Jafery believes caregivers and loved ones are using not just because of the savings that can be passed on because of bulk buying. “We live further apart from our places-of-birth than decades ago and this provides a way for a loved one to send care at a distance. It tells our seniors we’re thinking about you.”

In addition to making the service more senior citizen friendly, is expanding its product offerings to other demographics like persons of color who have special hair and skin care considerations.